About Us

What we do

Africawide is a management consulting firm, focused on partnering with organisations to implement strategy. With African roots and a growing African footprint, our team represents the best of African talent who share a passion for Africa‟s continued economic development. This passion ensures we have a vested interest in our client’s success.

Who we serve

We work with clients facing complex, multi-disciplinary issues and have an unstoppable commitment to achieve their goals. Our clients value an implementation partner to objectively guide them through their transformation.

Our clients understand that our values-driven ethos leads us to only tackle projects we know will add significant value to their organisation and/or attainment of its mandate

Our success stems from what makes us different

We work alongside our clients

We get to know our clients and forge deep, trusting relationships. Solutions are built together, drawing on our client‟s business knowledge and Africawide‟s deep expertise. Our relentless approach to skills development ensures our solutions are sustainable.

Our people are pragmatic

Smart, well-networked and hungry to implement practical solutions, Africawide takes an entrepreneurial attitude in building solutions. We are not afraid to test, refine and continually improve. “Cut and paste” methodologies are not part of our vocabulary, instead, we draw on global thought leadership and our deep experience.

Our size makes us flexible

Our local presence and smaller size means we can quickly adapt to our client’s changing needs. Our high-quality network allows us to scale to meet higher demand situations.

Our quality is unparalleled

Although small, our skills are deep and our team is experienced. We pay attention to the detail to ensure a high quality, polished end product. Our results compete with any top-tier consulting firm.