Why our clients choose us

Demonstrated Skills and  Experience

Africawide bring required expertise and skills set, with demonstrated ability to deliver

Our consultants have demonstrated skills and experience


  • Flexible staffing models to ensure full compliment of experience and expertise can be harnessed for each unique client setting
  • Diverse profile of consultants including alumni from top tier management consulting firms and experts with significant years experience in blue chip organisations
  • Network of highly qualified independent experts who can be brought on as part time advisors
  • Strategic linkages with Big 4 accounting and other consulting firms ensures an ability and agility to deploy across the nation at short notice

Relevant to specific client needs

Highly effective consulting approach employed based on our collective experience of working with numerous companies on a variety of topics

 Our consulting approach is tailored and relevant to specific client needs


  • Joint collaborative approach – we work seamlessly with your organisation, adapting to your organisational methodologies, culture and work style
  • Holistic view taken in developing solutions – ensuring our solutions are in alignment with organisational objectives
  • Challenging and objective – always bringing a fresh perspective to all client situations
  • Affiliation with recognised global institutions e.g. CIPS, PMI, SAICA, with proprietary in-house IP developed

Relentless capability building

Our philosophy is to work jointly with our clients, with a dual focus on delivery and sustainability

  We sustain impact through relentless capability building and skills development


  • Daily on-the-job coaching based on proven adult learning research – consultants link classroom training to real business problems
  • Skill building in communication, performance dialogues, influencing, feedback etc incorporated in all our projects unless explicitly stated
  • Formal training conducted (across various topics) with accredited trainers and facilitators available on request

Local world class quality

We are a local empowered consulting firm

  We are an empowered local consulting company with world-class quality


  • Our lean cost structures enable us to provide client services at fees that are competitive and significantly cheaper than the larger Firms, but  with the same quality solution delivered
  • BBBEE compliant local consulting firm