Procurement and Supply Chain

A company’s spend through external procurement is by far the largest cost driver for our clients. Recognising this as a potential source for unlocking significant value , we support our clients in managing all aspects of their external procurement and supply chain.

We do this by focussing on designing and implementing solutions that are aimed at

  • Strategic sourcing – Developing a centre led procurement function. Crafting strategies for prioritised commodities ensuring transparency on the total cost of ownership, in depth understanding of supplier market and identification of savings, B-BBEE and localisation opportunities. Implementing commodity strategy, ensuring maximum opportunity identified in strategy extracted
  • Contract management and supplier performance – Ensuring tighter linkage between startegy and contract. Helping our clients refresh the use of MIS in their organisation to enable easier management of contracts and monitoring of supplier performance
  • Localisation and B-BBEE – Creating capacity in the sourcing function to pro actively identify and develop local suppliers, rather than reactive, unsustainable practices
  • Performance management and reporting – This is becoming increasingly complex and urgent, given the regulatory environment (especially for our public sector clients, given the emphasis on service delivery).
  • Speed and quality – The time to procure and deliver material has a direct correlation to ROI. Together with Lean techniques, we help our clients optimise the efficiency of their sourcing processes
  • Training and capability building – The demands and skills of the procurement professional have evolved significantly. We offer formal capability building and skills training to our clients to enhance the performance of their teams.

We also provide extra capacity through outsourcing services to ensure good governance and efficient operations