Project Management and Implementation

Most strategies fail because of execution. The implementation of strategy often involves enterprise wide initiatives, that are often complexly interlinked and affect the broader organisation to varying degrees. These efforts are often multi-year and if not carefully managed end up costing the business significantly due to resources and time invested into effort. Successful delivery of such programmes requires a number of multi disciplinary teams with a co-ordinating mechanism to deliver an integrated result.

Africawide supports our clients with implementation of strategy, through our team of highly qualified consultants, each holding a recognised accreditation (e.g. PMBok, PRINCE2, Lean, change management etc) and proven industry experience. delivery and follow through of strategy implementation.

The programme management office (PMO) is an integral component of large scale transformation / strategy implementation. This PMO is responsible for co-ordinating and managing the various multi disciplinary projects (that form part of the strategy implementation process). The Africawide programme management approach includes tried and tested methodologies and approaches such as PMBok and PRINCE2.

Cascading of KPIs. After the strategy and targets have been defined, organisations are faced with the challenge of cascading these targets into the business. A crucial step and pre-requisite in ensuring the successful implementation and sustainability of strategy. Africawide works with the divisional/departmental teams to translate KPIs so that they align with HR, individual / team focus areas, scorecards, reports and dashboards.

Capacity and capability building is core to the sustainability of all solutions. At the heart of Africawide’s philosophy is sustainability. All our projects are designed so that our consultants build the capabilities and skills of our clients, so that our solutions have a lasting impact. Daily, our consultants will apply recognised adult learning principles as well as coaching techniques to help our clients. Further more, Africawide has qualified trainers who can offer formal training programmes to build the skills and capabilities within our clients organisations. Further more, Africawide