Strategic Analysis and Business Intelligence

In this environment of increasing uncertainty, making decisions in business is a continuous challenge. We provide unique capabilities to support our clients on the strategic aspects of their businesses. Through our analytical tools and models, we are able to bring insight and intelligence to our clients – helping them develop innovative solutions and respond quickly.

Our offerings include the following

  • Analysis and modelling – Facts and insight are critical ingredients to informing any change. Using our client information and publically available data, we are able to develop insights to effect into your business strategy and decision making. These range from trend analysis, segmentation etc
  • Market analysis – Research and analysis capabilities across industry with a deeper focus on the markets in Africa. Research covers supplier market analysis, industry insights (players, new entrants, major deals etc) and market entry assessment at country level (political , local industry dynamics, market sizing etc)
  • Performance and cost diagnostics – Looking in the mirror is a requisite for any healthy business. We help our clients manage their business review process, ensuring accurate, comprehensive facts are put forward and the right dialogue is conducted. Our proven methodology and tools enable us to work with our clients and help provide performance and cost diagnostics over a relatively quick period. We also help our clients understand the root cause s as well as identify improvement opportunities
  • Government and regulatory management – The role of governments and society in business is increasing. Studies have acknowledged that successful companies have invested in managing their interface with government and society. We help our clients understand how they are affected, the value at stake, develop appropriate strategies and implementation thereof.
  • Workshop /dialogue facilitation – Strategy development is a process and not an analytical exercise. The strategy is not finalised until there has been robust dialogue and alignment of all stakeholders. Our team of experienced senior consultants works closely with our clients during this critical phase.